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Rather than tell a long - or short - story about myself, I thought I'd share a few of my personal favourite lyrics.

I can see now that, as a songwriter,I have chosen to focus on my lyrics. They are the part that I find the hardest to do, and the most satisfying when I feel I've got them right. Most songwriters will tell you that they don't actually create their songs - but they tuned in to some kind of radio or streaming device and scribbled out a ghost of what they heard. Here are just a few of my favourites from the albums above:

"I am, The breathing of the wind across the land, The singing of the ocean in the sand, Swept up and golden"

                                 -Suddenly Beautiful

"The things you do, when you're proud and young, Like boulders in a mountain stream, they block the water running down, To the deeper river that one day you become, The only problem is, it takes so long"


                      -The Love to Come (for Yvonne)

"Oh there's an angel, who flies all night, Over the strip malls and the sodium lights, And the sky is full of wires, And his wings are gettin' tired and he's been, He's been lookin' for the true love that he left behind, But there's no one out on the streets of this town, except a man with a shopping cart and he doesn't make a sound, He's been sleeping in the rain"

                                           -Big Boy

Photo By: Kharen Hill



Photo By: Breanna Musgrove

The music on this website was recorded a while ago. I have begun to appreciate these songs again, and I can see now that they aren't the work of a very different and much younger man so much as they are an earlier expression of the kind of music I would still like to produce. In the coming months
I will be uploading many newer songs. Check back often.

Photo By: Stu Ross


This was, for me, the best birthday concert ever. So casual and relaxed - made me feel like I could play anything. And I think we did pretty well! So thank you to everyone who came out. Thank you to my band. And to our host, Eugene Dong. 


Video by: Stu Ross

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